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The agency of credit ratings (CRA which is also called service of ratings), is the company which appoints credit ratings which estimate ability of the debtor to pay a debt, doing timely payment of percent and probability of non-payment. The agency can estimate solvency of the letting-out debt obligations, debt tools, and in certain cases, the serving devices of a principal debt, but not certain consumers.

The debt tools estimated by CRAs include the state bonds, corporate bonds, CD, municipal bonds, preference shares and secured securities, such as the securities and bonds provided with debt obligations supported by a mortgage.
Letting out obligations or securities can be the companies, the enterprises of special function, the regional governments or local authorities, non-profit organizations or the sovereign states. the credit rating And facilitates trade in securities in the secondary market. It mentions an interest rate which safety pays with higher ratings, leading to lower interest rates. Certain consumers are estimated for solvency not by agencies of credit ratings, but credit agencies (also called agencies according to the consumer reporting or help agencies on the credit) which let out credit ratings.

Best credit reporting agency - the value of credit ratings for securities was widely called in question. Hundreds of billions securities which were given the highest ratings of agencies, were lowered to throw out during financial crisis 2007–08. downgrades during the European crisis of a sovereign debt 2010–12 were accused by officials of the EU of crisis acceleration. A credit rating - very concentrated industry, with two biggest CRAs — Moody's and Standard & Poor's Rating agency (S&P) — management of 80% of a share of the world market, and agencies of credit ratings of "The big three" — Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Ratings — management about 95% of business of ratings.

The credit (Latin creditum — a loan from armor. credere — to trust) or the credit relations — the public relations arising between subjects of the economic relations concerning the movement of cost. The credit relations can be expressed in different forms of the credit (the commercial credit, the bank credit, etc.), a loan, leasing, factoring etc.

Other definitions of the credit:

relationship between the creditor and the borrower;
returnable movement of cost;
the movement of means of payment on the basis of recoverability;
the movement of the lent cost;
movement of the loan capital;
placement and use of resources on the basis of recoverability;
granting the real money instead of future money, etc.
According to John Mill's definition, the credit "is permission to one person to use the capital of other person".

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