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iPhone cheats of all versions - the freshest selection of the coolest cheats + unreal bonus!

Best iPhone cheats bonus - download .txt manual

We will begin with a bonus which you can download at the link below. The bonus includes 10 cool opportunities of your phone about which you didn't even suspect but which considerably will increase operating time from one charging and performance!

Other iPhone cheats

iPhone cheats: As messages hidden photo and video filming on your iPhone or iPad

1. From the home screen of your device start the Camera application. Important: previously disconnect flash on your chamber not to draw attention of people around during shooting.

2. Choose the necessary mode of shooting (a photo or video), a format or, for example, the filter.

3. Double pressing by the Home button, start the multitasking panel. Pay attention that Comer at this moment remains active, – the appendix will broadcast the image from a lens of phone or the iPad. Thus you will be able to thumb through the started applications, to switch between them.

4. Pressing the + button on the lateral panel of your device start video filming or make a picture. It is ready! Thus, you will be able to use other applications (without having caused in interlocutors and a drop of doubts) and parallel to a message shooting. You will be able to see ready photos and video in a standard application for viewing of the similar materials "Photo".

iPhone cheats: If to include the In the Plane mode, your iPhone will be loaded twice quicker.

Notifications LED flash

This system function allows to include light indication of a call on iPhone. Any action, whether it be it is ringing, arrival the SMS or the message in the twitter, can work in iOS 5/6 without sound – only flash.
Function will be useful to persons interested to get rid of noise of night calls or in situations when one vibro call it appears insufficiently. The option in the main iPhone settings joins.

For inclusion of notices flash it is necessary to come into Settings → the Main → Universal access and to waste down you won't see "LED flash" yet. Move a slider to the situation "Vkl". In order that function worked, you need to include the silent mode having switched off vibration in Settings → Sounds → Vibration → "Vykl" and to disconnect a sound the lateral switch. Now at calls and notices flash on the back party of the device will blink 3 times so put phone the display down.

We photograph by means of a font

In iOS 5/6 you can do pictures, pressing a key of volume control of iPhone. It is convenient when you hold the device horizontally in the right hand as in a case with the real camera. However very few people know that similar function is born on itself also by the loudness button on earphones. Thus it is possible to do pictures on some distance from phone.

Context menu iPhone cheats

It is difficult to overestimate advantage of a context menu in the web browser therefore pleases that the analog of this element of the program interface is realized and in mobile version of "Safari". Choose any reference or the picture on the loaded web page and press it, holding a finger on the screen approximately about half a second. In response to it the browser will show you the emerging panel with buttons, each of which allows to execute the specific action connected with that object which you touched. This trick works not only in Safari, and also in many other appendices, for example to keep a photo sent on a MMS.

Yes there will be light! (iPhone and iPod Touch 5 as a small lamp)

If you are the happy owner of iPhone 4/S/5 then the following focus will please you. Of course, many and so intuitively use him, but for the others he will be new and will help them with their dirty deeds.
If at some point you urgently need a small lamp, iPhone perfectly well will cope with this task. It is enough to include the appendix the Chamber, to switch in the mode of Video and in the menu of flash to press to Include.
More convenient way - to buy the appendix in AppStore which on a clique will turn your iPhone into a small lamp, the best in our opinion (opens most quicker) - http://itunes

iPhone cheats: Instant scrolling of the page up

There are situations when it is necessary to return quickly to the beginning of the text (the page up). If he too long, and constantly to wave a finger not really conveniently, I offer excellent alternative – instant scrolling of the text. It is enough to concern a line of a state — and the long tape itself in a moment of an eye will be scrolled by the beginning.
This feature works not only with text programamm, but also with any appendices where there is a need long "to rise".

iPhone cheats: How to make a screenshot in iPhone/iPod/iPad?

The most useful thing by means of which it is possible to keep pictures and cards of navigation, the gathered phone to take the picture of the image at video a call, to imprint a shot from a roller of You Tube or video of the movie, to keep the Internet of the page and many other things.
For creation of such picture, it is necessary to press at a time the top and lower button of phone, the screen on a mngnoveniye will flash and iPhone will make a photography sound.
The received pictures from the screen remain in the standard folder of images together with photos from the main chamber. Files are saved in the PNG format.

Shutdown of display of the text in entering the message. (Banners and Reminders)

All already managed to estimate messages of various appendices which appear at the top of the screen in the form of the turning rectangle, in other words a banner. But some notices would look is much more productive in old style. For this purpose we "go" to Settings and in Notices we choose appendices and style of reminders for his notices. Essential difference between the mode Banners and Reminders is the following: reminders demand action before performance, and banners disappear automatically.
Into the account of the entering messages. For this purpose that the text of messages wouldn't be displayed, turn into Settings - Notices - Messages and switch off "Viewing display"

Orientation blocking

For me became big surprise that many don't know that on iPhone and iPod it is possible to block the screen from orientation changes. Therefore decided to write for the very best beginners here.
By double pressing of the button "Home" you will open the list of the applications opened at present. Having scrolled this list from left to right, you will see a blocking icon.

iPhone cheats: Removal of the typed text

Quite simple, but really useful focus offers us the device accelerometer. When typing often there is a need to remove the last typed text, but to do it by the Backspace button long. Therefore it is enough to stir up the smartphone. Such action will cause the menu with confirmation removal of the typed text: "To cancel the press". At cancellation, the last typed text will be erased. It is interesting that repeated stirring it is possible to return back your literary trash. Using such focus, keep in mind that will be will be removed all text which you typed without turning of the program. When we the editor sends to expectation, there is an autosave.

How to include Emoji icons

Japanese very actively use smilies in the messages and a web pages. Their use is so broad that the standardized set of smiles called by Emoji is built in almost all mobile phones, including iPhone.
In spite of the fact that Apple built in the standard keyboard of Emodzi iPhone for a long time, she was inaccessible out of Japan without use of various shifts. Anyway, iOS 5 allows to use Emoji the keyboard everywhere now, for her inclusion you need to make the following:
Settings → the Main → Keyboard → Mezhdunar. keyboards → New keyboards... → Emodzi
Now when switching language a globe icon one of keyboards will be a set of icons, as shown below.
Icons of Emodzi will be visible on all devices with iOS, and also the majority of these smilies will be visible on devices with Android.

To find iPhone

You can use the Find iPhone function to help to find location of any lost device, including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac.
If you didn't install the Find iPhone application yet, install this free application from App Store. In the appendix Enter Apple ID. After that you will be able to find any of your devices on which the Find iPhone application was installed
Be convinced that all your devices are updated to the iOS 6.X or Mac OS X version not lower than 10.7.2, and that on all devices in the iCloud settings the Find iPhone or Find MacBook function is included.
After that open the application and press your device to find his location.

iPhone cheats: Remote blocking of phone

If you found out that your iPhone was gone somewhere, and you want to keep nevertheless the data, you can block the phone.
On www choose Find My iPhone. After found his location, choose a blue badge of information then press Remote blocking. Enter the new password for blocking. After you find the device, unblock it this password.

We change an order of loading of appendices

Happens at you such, what you start loading the application from App Store, then you find one more and you add him to waiting list for loading? It is sure that happens. And now present that at you is in turn of 5 appendices, and the last is necessary for you "here and now". How to be in that case? To wait for the end of loading of those appendices which stand at the beginning of turn? Well isn't present, it can take a lot of time.
To solve this small, but at the same time unpleasant, a problem very simply. However not all our readers know the answer. Rather simply two times to stamp according to the necessary appendix to transfer it to the beginning of turn and respectively to load its the first.
I hope that this council will help you to save time.

Caps Lock

As appeared, many are really not familiar with the following skill. In order that on "aydevaysa" to gather any abbreviation, it isn't necessary to click constantly a key "шифт". It is enough to press of it twice for inclusion of the Caps Lock mode. Thus it will be painted in blue color. In order that the given "feature" worked in the section "Settings - the Main – the Keyboard" check that parameter Incl. Caps Lock was included.

iPhone cheats: Create different types of vibrations

Present that at you phone lies in a pocket on a vibrocall and you would like to know who to you calls without taking out it from a pocket. You need to create the unique vibration for this contact.
Open Contacts, press on contact and then on to Change-> vibration-> to Create vibration. Start nastukivat a finger on gray area of the screen and as a result drawing of your vibration will register. After expires record time you will be able to lose that wrote down. When finish, press to Keep and you will have the unique vibration for this contact.

The simplified set of capital letters.

Having concerned the screen Shift key, without tearing off a finger from the screen, shift it on the necessary letter — and release a key. The capital letter is ready. If the necessary letter is hidden on the emerging panel attached to a concrete letter, detain a finger on this letter — the panel itself will emerge in any second.

iPone cheats: Councils for use of the external keyboard iPad, iPhone

Use of the keyboard for fast switching of appendices in iPad, iPhone

With an exit of Surface, the new tablet from Microsoft, the emphasis on existence of the convenient external keyboard is constantly placed. But for some reason, speaking about this doubtful "competitive advantage", forget that iPad too can work with the external bluetooth-keyboard. The wireless keyboard of Apple about which we will talk today is especially convenient for this purpose. Here we collected undocumented combinations of keys which do use of iPad with the external keyboard even more convenient and productive.

So, for example, for switching between appendices it is possible to use combinations of Cmd-Tab and Cmd-Shift-Tab as far as it can conveniently be seen in this roller.

iPone cheats: iPad Bluetooth Keyboard App Switching

The complete list of undocumented combinations of keys is submitted is quite interesting and if you use or you plan to use the external keyboard, we recommend to you to study it:

1. Ctrl + Alt + S — muting of a sound in VoiceOver.
2. Ctrl + Alt + H — corresponds to settings of pressing of the Home button. For example, if to make it twice, there will be a panel of tasks.
3. Ctrl + Alt + I - appears the Chooser point which allows to choose practically any available element on the screen and to pass to him. Thus on a desktop there will be a list of folders and appendices.
4. Left+Right — the mode of fast navigation on all available elements of the user interface.
5. Up+Down — corresponds to pressing on an element of the user interface.
6. Alt+Arrow Keys — switching on screens and appendices.
7. Cmd-Shift-Tab — switching on the following started application (as свайп four fingers).
8. Cmd-Tab — switching the napredydushchy started application (as свайп four fingers).
9. Left+Right following Option-Left/Right — switching on the following page in the panel of tasks (in dock). If to switch up to the end to the left, you get access to buttons of reproduction and control of brightness.

iPone cheats: Blocking of shutdown of Find My iPhone on a case of theft of iPhone and iPad
Starting with the iOS 4.2 version on mobile devices of Apple there was an opportunity free of charge to trace a device arrangement through the Find My iPhone appendix. It transfers the current coordinates of iPhone and iPad to the cloudy iCloud service, monitoring from where is conducted. In case of loss or theft of a device the user can come on service and learn location of a gadget, send on him the message, reproduce a sound, block the PIN code or completely erase all information. This functionality is available to all last mobile devices of Apple and even Mac computers.

Find My iPhone often helps out owners of the mobile equipment lost or stolen by malefactors. But if the robber is informed on features of operation of "apple" devices, he can come into settings and to disconnect work of the service broadcasting data on location of idevaysa. In this case the chance to return the stolen gadget aspires to zero.

For this reason in iOS it is necessary to forbid shutdown of the Find My iPhone function. It is made literally in two clicks of settings of an operating system. If the malefactor doesn't decide to erase all content from phone or the tablet, the device will be able to transfer information on the location.

To block possibility of removal of the iCloud account and shutdown of a geolocation, open the menu of Control –> the Main –> Restrictions. Thumb through down to Geolokation's subsection, come into him and include the option "Forbid Changes". Then return one level above and pass Accounts to the tab. Here too it is necessary to put a birdie opposite "To forbid changes". Thus, the pilferer won't be able to disconnect broadcast of location-based data and removal of the iCloud accounts without input of the password.

iPone cheats: iMessage we adjust a privacy of your messages

Whether there was to you a situation: you put the iPhone on a table, the tekstvy message comes and someone (not you) reacting to a sound looks at the screen and reads the message? And it is as if not really good that someone postoronny read it.
However having changed only one switch on your iPhone, you can correct this misunderstanding.
Pass in the nastroykikh of your iPhone, open пунк "Notices" (iPAD or iPod Touch) and come into the Messages settings. After that move down the screen and find the Viewing Display switch. We also need to disconnect his that.

Now, when you receive the new message, only the author of the message, but not his contents will be presented to you. If you don't want to see even this information, transfer the On the Closed Screen switch to the situation OFF. After that even this information won't appear when your iPhone is blocked. In this case you still will have notices only through a banner (a strip at the top of the screen), to disconnect which as you probably already guessed, it is also possible in the top of this page.

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