How it is possible to earn on the Internet and on what?

To earn on the Internet, there is the whole mass of ways. But we for a start should master at least one. Reliable, thorough. At the correct approach this way very long time can bring in the CONSTANT income. And, of course, way this very labor-consuming …

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Guessed already? Yes. This receiving profit on own site.

"And the CONSTANT income is how many?" - you ask.

"And it is so much, how many will acquire!" - I will answer.

How many you will manage to earn on own site - directly depends on your activity. And in general, the normal site is capable to bring in to the owner the income from 100 to 5000(!) dollars. In a month. Didn't turn sour, the truth? Generally, is enough for such owners for beer. Moreover and on "kiriyeshka" remains :-)
But to receive such site, the beginner needs to do a chertova a work abyss, having spent for it a chertova time abyss. That's it now also we will be engaged in it!

So, what such the site to explain, I believe, it isn't necessary?
And here that such the NORMAL site, it is worth explaining, perhaps.

Briefly: the normal site has to be INTERESTING to visitors, the normal site has to possess UNIQUE content, and still the normal site has to be updated REGULARLY.

Who isn't aware: content is a filling of the site, i.e. various materials. Text, video, audio, graphic, etc. Clearly?
And so, this content can be created most, and it is possible to skommunizdit where - нибудь in a network. To borrow, so to speak. I will tell at once: you shouldn't borrow. Not because then conscience will torture but because to earn on the Internet on such site much more difficult, than on the unique. Why? About it is slightly later.

For now … There now we decided to make the site. What is necessary for us first of all? To decide on a site subject, of course! To think to that your resource will be devoted?

KEY MOMENT: the subject of the site has to be interesting first of all to YOU PERSONALLY.
Why? Yes because then work on the site will give pleasure, but not to turn into the routine occupation which isn't causing anything except disgust. And it, in turn can lead to that your resource will elementary be bent.

So, we choose a subject. We will sit down and will think, and whether there is something like that what we not bad understand? We think, we think! Perhaps, you were always interested in electronics? Computer iron? Or perhaps you inveterate fisherman? Or hunter? You like to breed guinea pigs? Or to cross stitch? There has to be something! Well? Were defined? Cross stitching? Precisely? Frets!

What now? And now it is quite good to learn, and whether this subject still is interesting to someone, except you. For this purpose in search engines there are special services which trace, what amount of requests of this or that word was made, say, in a month. Exactly there now also we go. In STATISTICS of INQUIRIES of YANDEX. We enter the word, or the phrase into the opened field, the most precisely corresponding to a subject of your site. For example, "cross stitching".
Now we press "to pick up". We look. If result – 6000 displays above, then we shout "Hurrah!". Two times. As it means that the people with might and main are interested in cross stitching, and our site will be demanded!

So, the subject was defined. What now? Now there was a real nonsense: to create the site, to fill it with notorious content, to hang out our work on the server, to monetize and "untwist". Not the server, but site, of course! :-) Poorly? Here all this will also be our paramount tasks.

And so about content. Why it has to be original? And why is also not present, on the other hand? Then your site searchers, besides, well good, if will fall in love with your site – simply a dump of others material? If such as yours, the sites in a network the car and the small cart? To whom are they necessary, these clones repeating each other? No, it is possible to earn and on clones, to wind on them TITs and PR, to attach a contextual advertizing, and forward! BUT! Such clones it is necessary to cook up not one ten! And the profit on such "project" usually all the same is less, than that which gives the normal site filled with unique material.

"Where I will take it – that? This material?" - the visitor will ask.

"It is necessary to write!" - I will answer. Remember that I spoke about ability quickly to print?

"And if I can't write article?" - you ask.

"Then business becomes complicated" - I will answer.

But be not upset! The exit is! It is possible to employ the copywriter who sbatsat to you an article on the set subject. However for it it is necessary to unfasten money. And how you wanted? And in general, creation of unique content in which the normal site – a task difficult differs. We will talk about it slightly later in the section UNIQUE CONTENT FOR the SITE in more detail. WHAT IT HAS TO be?

Now about regular updating of the site. Why it is necessary? Yes that the flow of visitors of your resource, of course didn't run low! Besides, robots of search engines, indexing your site, will find over and over again new materials that is regarded by them as development of a resource. Well, it is necessary to add materials regularly!
All popular sites are constantly updated.
For an example: Having glanced the well-known quotation collection of there, it is possible to see that quotes are added every day. (them visitors of a resource send). However it is necessary to sort, look through, select them the best! It is done by site administrators. EVERY DAY. As a result – wide popularity of a resource.

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