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Bitcoin - What is it?

Bitcoin - it is also a global payment system, through which you can perform operations with this currency. Its main difference from traditional payment systems that Bitcoin system has no control and processing center - all operations take place exclusively in the online peer clients.
Bitcoin - the first decentralized digital currency in the world. This currency is fundamentally different from all previously created electronic currencies and payment systems. It is not tied to any physical assets or "official" currency, and the price of the digital coin - Bitcoin - is governed exclusively by market supply and demand.

Features of Bitcoin

Thus, bitcoin simultaneously has the properties of conventional cash, e-currency, money transfer system and "digital gold".Release of bitcoins is strictly limited and predictable, it is impossible to "run the printing press," and create a lot of bitcoinsThere's no controlling organization, bitcoins price is determined solely by market supply and demandBitcoin can be stored on your computer, on your phone, online wallet, or on a special device in a secure vaultIt is not possible to block translation, freeze money in the user's purse or "roll back" is already committed transactionsThere are no intermediaries, digital money is sent directly between usersCheap, anonymous and unlimited remittances worldwideWallet is not tied to a user's identity, one can create an unlimited number of purses and detailsThere is no concept of "registration", anyone can participate in the network Features Bitcoin system.

What is the importance of Bitcoin?

One can hardly complain that now a little talk about Bitcoin. But the problem is that there is a huge gap between what is perceived Bitcoin mass of ordinary people and the greedy sensationalist press, and by what Bitcoin is in fact the opinion of a growing critical mass of those who determine the future of our technology. In this article I will explain why Bitcoin has so many ardent supporters among developers and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and what I think about the future potential of Bitcoin.
Wait, what kind of technology is it I'm talking about? Personal computers in 1975, the Internet in 1993, I believe, Bitcoin in 2014.

In the end, the benefits of new technologies reach the mainstream. Famous brands, companies and whole industries are beginning to work on its commercialization. There are whole new industries and outdated falling into disrepair. The consequences of the introduction of this technology is becoming more and more profound, they are reflected in society and become apparent to all. Subsequently, many people wonder why the coming great changes and the great potential of this technology have been obvious to them from the beginning. At the same time, this technology captivates the imagination of hardcore techies, diy. They see it as a huge potential and spend all of their free evenings and weekends to ensure that no end of bother with it.

Mysterious new technology comes seemingly out of nowhere - but in fact it is the result of two decades of intensive research and development. Idealists see it coming triumph of freedom and economic revolution. Entrenched elites pour her contempt and caustic ridicule.New breakthrough technology?

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