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Mail app on iPhone and iPad. The review of the best email applications for iOS and the link for their free downloading from our site.

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Despite rapid development of compact and convenient mobile messengers in recent years, e-mail remains in still popular way of Internet communication. Besides reading and sending letters, modern mail services offer owners of mobile devices a set of useful functions which aren't present in a native iOS-application of "Mail".

To help users to choose really convenient and functional iPhone mail app, we made the list of the best email applications of App Store.


This appendix is the favourite appendix of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The iPhone mail app interface simple and convenient, and the user without effort can look through and respond to messages, and also create the new. Besides, e-mails can move to special folders or be postponed for later. The Mailbox appendix is well free.

myMail — the alternative e-mail client, most popular in the world, for iOS.

myMail, the mobile client for work with several post accounts, became the most often loaded third-party email application for iOS according to the analytical company Distimo.

Data of Distimo show that by number of downloadings in March, 2014 myMail became in App Store the most popular third-party email application with support of several email-services. myMail bypassed a set of other email applications, including such famous competitors as Sparrow, Mailbox, CloudMagic, Boxer, Seed Mail, etc.

myMail also is in the USA on the first place among the third-party iPhone mail app supporting some post providers. Besides, he enters in top-3 email applications for iOS — ahead only Gmail and Yahoo. The same situation is observed in all western markets, including in Great Britain, Canada, etc. myMail even became more popular than the Yahoo Mail appendix in Spain and Portugal.

"The analysis which is carried out by us shows that in March, 2014 myMail became the most loaded alternative e-mail client for iOS — Ann Hezemans, the analyst of Distimo noted. — And we observe growth of daily number of downloadings the appendix".

"Developing myMail, we from the very beginning knew that we do the application for mobile users — Dmitry Grishin, the CEO and the founder of Mail.Ru Group commented. — We felt that in the market the choice doesn't suffice, and wanted to create for our users — especially for the most active — the ideal tool for mobile work with mail. Such positive reaction to our appendix inspires us, and we will continue and to realize further new functions in myMail".

myMail offers a set of the functions developed for active users of mobile mail. The appendix allows to work with the accounts Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Outlook, MSN, iCloud, AOL and Yahoo, and supports all services working on IMAP and POP3. Besides, in myMail the adjusted push-notices which can be connected even for the services which aren't supporting push-technology are realized.

myMail available to iOS and Android, is developed for mobile devices "from scratch". The appendix offers the elegant interface and the visualized list of letters with avatars of users and icons of popular services. Thanks to special algorithm of compression of data the appendix allows to save a traffic. Experience of developers, use of researches and best practices allow to improve the appendix constantly. myMail applies reliable protocols of safety to ensuring safety of data, safety and confidentiality.


Many call Sparrow the best e-mail client for iPhone. Not for nothing, summer of 2012 of developers of the appendix the Google company got. Sparrow possesses full support of the IMAP and POP protocols (Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud and many other accounts of mail services). Features of the client: the uniform folder for incoming letters, clever contacts (the most frequent contacts are displayed in the top part of the list), "pull to update", the built-in web browser, investments and many other things.


Boxer for iphoneinterfeys Boxer is very simple and reminds Mailbox, however, unlike the last, the client allows to become authorized in Facebook and LinkedIn. The appendix possesses support of Evernote and DropBox. Besides in Boxer it is very easy to recustomize gestures of management voluntarily. The client has a set of templates for a prompt reply which can be edited and supplemented independently.


The interface of this appendix reminds the page in the blog. The list of contacts is placed in the section All Stars that allows to find quickly and easily the necessary addressee. The client allows to become authorized in Facebook and to check messages in a social network. Besides, answering friends, the user will be able to see their photos. The Molto appendix is well free.


The updated e-mail client from Google allows to learn always about new correspondence without need to wait until the application is loaded by the letter (Push). Gmail allows to switch with ease from one account to another, to find archival messages and many other things. This appendix is well free.

Evomail +

The main feature of this appendix is opportunity to answer and send letters by means of only one pressing. To read the message, it is necessary to run a finger over the screen to the right to remove – to the left. Evomail + allows to postpone sending letters if necessary. The e-mail client is available free of charge.


This appendix allows to get rid of the chaos reigning in service of e-mail by means of the minimalist interface. Instead of displaying all messages at the same time, Triage allows to see only one. The user can respond to letters, or archive or postpone them.


The user can delete, archive and move with Dispatch for iphonepri of the help of this client with ease messages. Dispatch also allows to create templates of answers for messages.


CloudMagic mail for iphone ipadglavnym the advantage of this iPhone mail app is special system of fast search of archival messages, and also synchronization with the services Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter and so forth CloudMagic is well free.


The interface of this e-mail client is developed in the form of "control panel" popular recently. Addressees and messages are displayed with photos and pictures. The appendix allows to sort the list of contacts by groups (for example, a family, work etc.). SquareOne is well free.

Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot turns your mail into the list of tasks that is very convenient in case you quite so and you position the letters. The appendix differs from competitors in that gives more information on letter contents in browse mode that does navigation much quicker. One more plus of Mail Pilot is presence of the client for Mac — to use a set of appendices much more conveniently and over time about other means for management of e-mail you and you will stop thinking. Mail Pilot supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and also allows to adjust IMAP servers at your discretion.

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