PC cheats for the sims + bonus

Codes to The Sims. Activation of codes. During game press CTRL + SHIFT + C and you enter the following codes...

Download bonus new PC cheats for the sims

klapaucius - $1000
rosebud - $1000 (in version 1.1 above or Livin' Large)
water_tool - to make the house the island surrounded with water
set_hour # - to replace time of day (1-24)
sim_speed # - the game speed (-1000 to +1000)
interests - to look at interests of yours СИМов
autonomy # - to replace opinion СИМов (1-100)
grow_grass # - to grow up a grass (1-150)
map_edit on/off - to edit the card

route_balloons on/off - training
edit_char - to edit the character
draw_floorable on/off - to line a floor on cages
draw_routes on/off - to show a way of the character
move_object - to move object
prepare_lot - to check and repair object
preview_anims on/off - to look at animation
rotation (0-3) - to turn the camera
house # - to load the house #
visitor_control - control of visitors
! - to repeat the last code
; - divider of teams

Codes to The Sims / PC cheats for the sims

Press [ctrl] + [shift] + [c] and in the dropped-out chit-console you drive codes.
With codes it is possible to register some symbols, for example a symbol
"!" - will repeat the last entered code, and a symbol ";" it is possible
To separate some chit from each other
(example: sim_speed 200; klapaucius):

% Autonomy - to replace the ai level at your sim
Klapaucius - $1000
% Set_hour - to replace time, during the whole days - from 1:00 till 00:59
% Sim_speed - to replace game speed (from-1000 to 1000)
Interests - gosmotret of the characteristic of sim
Tile_info on/off - display of information about subjects on/off.
Map_edit on/off - the mode of editing the card on/off.
Route_balloons on/off - the mode of helps on/off.
Sweep on/off - display of tests of game on/off.
Draw_all_frames on/off - display of all frames on/off.
History - creates family history in the file

Fast money:

Enter chit klapaucius
Again call the console and enter:
(to 60 signs) - receive at most 30 000

Economy on accommodation:

Wait until bring the first account. Don't pay it. When
Will bring the second, pay the first and both bills will be paid.

Constructions in air:

In game choose the building mode and construct some columns.
Now come into tiles and choose type of a sexual covering,
Then lay it on columns. Put a ladder upward, walls and
Furniture. Now remove columns.

Excellent mood at Sim:

We gather move_objects on, we enter the menu of furniture, we delete Sim, then in
The menu of life, we press its icon and it appears in excellent mood.
The truth one minus, this will appear with those abilities and practices,
As before the last preservation so it is necessary not to forget to seyvitsya

Kaching - Adds 1.000 § - to house means
Motherlode - Adds § 50.000 - to house means
Moveobjects on\off - cancellation of all restrictions on placement of any objects in the modes of purchase and construction. Having entered this code, you will be able to move and delete objects which can't be moved or removed in the regular way. Application of this code can cause problems with game elements, access to objects and we designate. Consider that having removed subjects or characters, you won't be able to restore them any more!
resetSim <full name="" of="" the="" character=""> - use this code in rare instances of "jamming" of the character in the course of interaction or "sticking" of any subject to the character. Thus the character will disappear and will appear after a while, completely restored. Use example: "resetSim Mortimer Got".
fps [on|off] - inclusion and switching off of a frame for shooting in the right top corner.
constrainFloorElevation [true|false] - application of all types of a landscape irrespective of, are on it characters and objects or not. Walls, floors and subjects will move together with a landscape. It is possible to create slopes and hills with a platform above. But to place new walls and floors which need the equal earth, it is possible only on initially equal surface.
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on|off] - allows to have subjects in any places, without binding to a razmetochny grid. For this purpose apply this code and press and hold the ALT key at placement of a subject. For example, placing chairs round a table.
hideHeadlineEffects [on|off] - concealment of the indicators which are usually displayed over the heads of characters (indicators of thoughts and the speech).
fadeObjects [on|off] - switching between the accurate and indistinct mode of display of objects at approach of the camera. It isn't applicable to characters.
slowMotionViz - the slowed-down reproduction of a video series in game. Admissible values of the level variable from 0 (normal speed) to 8 (lowest). It isn't obligatory to enter value.
unlockOutfits [on|off] - addition of working clothes and a form of the service personnel in the Creation of the Character editor. It is required to apply a code before an entrance in the editor.
TestingCheatsEnabled [true/false] - When a code is included, you hold shift and press a mailbox, and it is possible to change career; by means of this code it is possible to change or block requirements of sim and so on...
Fullscreen [on/off] - can be played in the full-screen mode.
Familyfunds [Familyname] # - increases/reduces quantity of money in the chosen family.
help - the list of available codes.
help - the description of a code.
quit - a pass.

Markers of the public place - for inhabited sites. Are available only in the catalog of debugging and are visible only in the mode of construction and purchase at the included RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug codes. The marker of the public place is placed in all rooms where the general access, apart from external structures is possible.
Markers of the hidden room - are available only in the catalog of debugging and are seen only in the mode of construction and purchase. All rooms with such marker become invisible if the RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug codes aren't included. Restrictions for such rooms the same, as for public places. The doors conducting to such rooms have no action "to Enter".
The marker of the admission of level - is available only in the catalog of debugging and we see only in the mode of construction and purchase. All floors with this marker will be passed during rise/descent if the RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug codes are only not included.
The site facade marker - is available only in the mode of construction and purchase. To choose other party of a site as a facade, click on the earth, having pressed the CTRL+SHIFT keys, and choose action "To choose as a site facade".

moviemakerCheats enabled [true|false] - includes and turns off the shooting mode, allows to enter new codes for shootings. To open the shooting mode, enter the testingcheatsenabled true code. He allows to choose usually characters who aren't controlled by the player if to right-click on them, having pressed the SHIFT key. Having left-clicked, when pressing the SHIFT key, the following actions will become available:
• Animation: special animation of the character
• To disconnect action "to Look": "to Look" at inclusion and shutdown of action for all characters.
• To edit in "S-P": movement of the chosen character in the Creation of the Character editor where it is possible to completely change it.
• Deprivation of will: forbids all characters to make other actions, than are chosen as the player.
• To make action cyclic or disposable: does action of the character cyclic or disposable.

Councils for construction
• If at construction of the base, the deck or a flooring on piles to hold the Alt key, height of the base will increase by one step (the usual bases happen four steps high).
• If at construction of steps on the base, the deck or a flooring on piles to hold the Alt key, there will be a ladder two high or str of a step, depending on earth level.

Codes in The Sims 3 the World of Adventures (World Adventures):

buydebug - the Menu of debugging. Call the console in the mode of construction or purchase and enter a code. You get access to objects of tombs, generators, etc. But some objects will remain inaccessible to the player.
Ctrl+Shift+Left and to click on object of a tomb - Interactions in the purchase mode. Allows to choose parameters of starting elements and events for objects of a tomb.
enablelotlocking true/false - Access to the closed site. Allows the player to change the closed site in the mode of change of the town.
allowObjectsOnRoofs true/false - Objects on roofs. Allows to place any objects on roofs without interactions.
objectassetnames true/false - Working names of objects. Allows the player to see working names of objects in the modes of construction and purchase.

Codes in The Sims 3 Career (Ambitions):

ageupNPC - the Chosen NPC will become one step more senior
AlwaysBuyBuild - Includes the mode of construction and purchase in any situation (for example, during the fire)
DiscoMaptags on/off - Symbols of sites in the review of the city blink in the bright flowers

Codes in The Sims of 3 V Twilight (Late Night):

rbbb on - All sites marked as public places (usually a lobby or an entrance), can be processed in the mode of construction and purchase. Input of the "rbbb off" code will disconnect the present possibility
unlockOutfits on - Vampire canines, and also working clothes and clothes of sim from service, will be available in the mode of creation of Sim. Canines are in accessories. The code should be gathered to an entrance to the mode of creation of Sim
To move pictures up and down a wall (codes aren't necessary) - to Arrange a picture on a wall&gt; to choose the hand tool&gt; to Click on a picture, to hold the left key of the mouse pressed and to pull a mouse upward or down. When the picture is located as you wanted, to release the left key of a mouse.
Pressing of a key L on the keyboard in the mode of life opens the magazine of the Star (it is available only on achievement of the first star level)

Code in The Sims 3 Paradise islands (Island Paradise):

discoverAllUnchartedIslands - When using this code the active family gets access to all hidden islands.

* Note: the majority of codes work only if previously to include a code of the TestingCheatsEnabled true developers. When you finish necessary manipulations, it is possible to disconnect a code of developers the TestingCheatsEnabled false team

Possibilities of a code of developers in The Sims 3:

The description of the functions available at the included developer's code:
+ to click Shift on Sim:
To accept – to attach in a family the chosen Sim to a family
To mature – chosen as this passes into the following age category
Favourite music – it is possible to change a favourite genre of music of this Sim
To change character of the chosen character – allows to change traits of character of Sim

+ to click Shift on any object or the character:
Object&gt;&gt; to Remove – allows to delete any objects (and also career buildings) and characters
+ to click Shift on a site
To teleport here – action teleportirut Sim in this place
To build on this site – includes the construction mode on the chosen site
To buy the house on this site – also includes the construction mode

+ to click Shift on a mailbox:
To make happy all – increases all requirements of all sim on a lot
To find friends – at the chosen Sim there are some friends (casual characters)
To get acquainted with all – does Sim familiar with all residents of the town
To call the character – allows to cause any NPC – the character (police, firefighters, death, the robber, etc.)
To call the guest - allows to invite to a site of the casual resident
To disconnect requirements – disconnects change of requirements at all Simov on a lot
To choose career – allows to choose any career and a position
Control of the supernatural population – allows to add or clean from the city of supernatural characters - vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, the zombie and toads

+ to click Shift on the building of work:
To cause an event - causes any event connected with the current career
To cause all events - consistently displays all events of career of Sim
To cause the purpose - causes a task which can lead to increase

Happiness points:
+ in the Happiness of All Life tab to click Ctrl free space between a chest and points of happiness. For each click 500, then 1000 points are added at first
! the developer's Code in this case should be entered in the main menu, and then to load the kept game

+ to click Ctrl on any mudlt on the mood panel to remove it

Scale of requirements:
We press and hold a mouse on a scale of any need or the relations and we draw to the left-to the right to reduce or increase an indicator (works only in the live mode, without pause).

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